Digital portraits made for Conventions

Here are some digital images created specifically for conventions as the perfect companion at autograph sessions.

A unique picture gives you a great ice-breaker when meeting your hero and I can tell you from personal experience that taking along something other than the standard prints serves as a welcome change for the actor, with almost always a great response as a result.

Digital copies of images already presented here are also available at the low cost of €15,- each.

leaving you free to print onto any surface and to a very large scale… so go wild!

If you want to make a real impression, contact me here or via e-mail at with your individual requests. Prices start at €150,- for unique creations. 

!! NEW !! Do you have a favorite star but don’t see them here? As an alternative to placing an individual request order, you also can place a €15,- order along with others and take part in a group commission. Ten requests for the same star are needed and then the drawing will be made. Just send me a request through the contact form, containing the name of the star you would like to get drawn.

Names of stars which are requested and numbers of requests will be noted (not names) on this site which enables you to follow the development. In case of lacking requests the drawing won’t be made, so gather up your fellow fans!!