Want to buy or commission me a drawing? Prices here!

How to purchase

If you have something specific in mind, commission me to produce something just for you. I’ll endeavor to reply quickly to give you a  timescale for completion which naturally will be subject to current demand.

Please note that I send my artwork preferably digitally. This in turn means that no shipping is needed and you get it a lot faster.  It has also the advantage of leaving you to decide in which format or sort of paper/canvas you want to have it printed on.

But if you really want your picture delivered on paper/as a poster, then we can get this done also, but the costs of printing and shipping will be for the buyer. Prices of this can't be given yet as it is depending on the size of the poster and where the buyer lives.

!! NEW!! Want a Con art drawing but your star isn't present? send me a Con request through the contact option in the left bar and after I have received 10 requests for the same star I will make this drawing so you can buy it later for 15,-  this will be noted visible here on the site.  So gather up other fans!!   (As this is a commision for multiple people,  I will be making my own version, and no input can be made).    

Digital artwork
Prices for complicated costumized work are available on request.
An existing digital print ( digital file)
Making a star drawing, same style as the finished Con art but then other star