Introducing the artist

Ramona's art

Got a Casper Van Dien signature on my Casper artwork.

I am a self-taught Dutch artist, living in the Northern region of the Netherlands. Over the years, I have experimented with many materials and styles, producing mostly the realistic fantasy work I love.  

Embracing the 21st century, I’ve moved passed traditional materials like oil paint, aquarelle, airbrush, charcoal, pastels, pen, pencils etc.. in favor of digital art and my customers enjoy the advantages that it brings. Receiving a digital commission allows the freedom of reproducibility, the absolute safety and speed of transport and the ability to make certain that it is printed according to individual requirements.

I have, as I mentioned earlier. a preference for fantasy but also like to make portraits, all with my love for comics well noticeable integrated into them.

Now you may wonder why the websites name is called Annemoon's art, well let me tell you why... Annemoon is the name of my mostly featured character in my personal art, aka the white haired female.

With best regards,
Ramona Burema